BIBLE VICE VERSA – (The Beginning)

by Tom Koelsch

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BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 1 – (02-19-17)

Hi, the test page is posted so I am now going to start the blog called BIBLE VICE VERSA, Page 1 (2-19-17) . The purpose of this blog is to show that something is terribly wrong with this book called THE HOLY BIBLE as it all appears to be Upside Down when read word for every […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 2 – (02-23-17)

Hi, here we are at Page 2 of the BIBLE VICE VERSA or the Bible the other way around or the vice in the verse. Remember when Huck Finn said that he was not a bad boy; it’s my father who is bad? He instinctually knew that the vice was in the verse, folks. […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 3 – (02-24-17)

Welcome back, folks, we will get to the greatest contradiction in the Bible in a minute but first, I would like to elucidate the title BIBLE VICE VERSA with several more examples: remember when Jesus went into the temple and tossed over the money changers’ tables and chairs and then proceeded to whip them? The Bible […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 4 – (02-26-17)

Hi, back to BIBLE VICE VERSA or the other way around – PAGE 4: Recall the theme which runs through the Bible like a ribbon of blood? (Slay them before me.) See, folks, a character is revealed primarily by what he says and what he does. In the Bible, descriptions of anyone are very scarce […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 5 – (03-01-17)

Hi, we are back with another episode of BIBLE VICE VERSA or the other way around or the vice in the verses: Let’s recall two of the main characters, Jesus and his Father. Here’s Jesus: Luke 19:27 – But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 6 – (03-03-17)

Just incidentally, has anyone noticed the contradiction between the flood and the Lord’s words thereafter? Highly significant in terms of the Bible’s veracity: (Psalm 32) David the King of Israel speaking: I acknowledge my sin unto thee (Lord) and mine iniquity have I not hid, I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord; […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 7 – (03-06-17)

Hi, thanks for staying on board, and thanks for any comments, BUT, would all those who sent comments, please RESEND them by way of my Email box as noted at the beginning of the blog: — the comments’ section of the blog was a problem so we resolved it by going to my Email […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 8 – (03-09-17)

Something appears strangely wrong with Solomon and this book. Kind of VICE VERSA. For example, The Lord goes back and forth throughout this book vacillating between saving Israel from the pagan Philistines, but then, VICE VERSA, helping the Philistines destroy his CHILDREN, the Israelites! Look: Numbers 21:6 – And the Lord sent fiery serpents […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 9 – (03-14-17)

“It’s far harder to kill a ghost than a reality.” Virginia Wolf

With that in mind, I was astounded to read about Haggai, a visionary prophet who calls for: “A renewed faith in God who controls the future.”

GOD CONTROLS THE FUTURE? This is a God who is both the enemy and the savior of His “children” […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 10 – (03-16-17)

Prologue to Abraham – Mr. FAITHFUL: Cain and Abel – “by FAITH Abel offered a BETTER sacrifice than Cain and so was favored by the Lord.” What? First of all, Paul is telling us this. He is not a God, but an apostle who actually started a resistance to the Old Testament […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 11 – (03-20-17)

Please sit down in your favorite arm chair for today’s encounter with the Bible, the other way around. However, I would suggest that you hold on to the arm rests with a very firm grip as I am going to introduce you to Zipporah. Also, we will visit the Egyptian midwives, and a very […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 12 – (03-25-17)

By way of an introduction, please discontinue all churches and temples, and even those gold crosses worn about the neck! Why? Because, dummy, they have been HEWN from stone or have been made with the use of a TOOL! Geeze, haven’t you read Exodus 20:25: The Lord saith: And of those wilt make […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 13 – (03-29-17)

Hi, come in, folks. Glad to have you as many have fled since my troubles began last week. Please put on these white medical face masks as recently I have had two boils appear on my forehead, and they can be contagious. My name is Job, by the way, and I live in […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 14 – (04-04-17)

Preface to Jacob and Sons: Occasionally, one gets to see scripture acted out in real life right before one’s eyes: The other day, I was sitting on a bench waiting to be rotated into a seniors’ tennis match. A younger man by 20 years or so sat down next to me. He was resting after […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 15 – (04-08-17)

Please buckle your safety belts for today’s session. Today, you will see a CONTRADICTION so preposterous that it brings into crystal clear focus the lack of integrity of the entire Bible and the characters who are used to develop it. Also, you will see that the one thousand three hundred and thirty-six pages of […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 16 – (04-15-17)

As you may know, PROVERBS was written by the same man as Ecclesiastes: Solomon, the WISEST man in town. This is the same guy who watched as Israel rose to its peak of glory (Pride) BUT our WISE man’s ZEAL for the Lord DIMINISHES as he sleeps with 700 pagan wives and girlfriends . No […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 17 – (04-18-17)

We’ve dealt with God’s brand of WISDOM: God’s son: Luke 19:27: “Slay them before me,” and God, the Holy Ghost: “Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread DUNG upon your faces, even the DUNG of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it: Malachi: 2:3 Not only do these two statements […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 18 – (04-25-17)

Welcome back — The universal claim of the Lord’s OMNISCIENCE in which the Bible class teachers tell children that the Lord is WATCHING THEM, HEARING THEIR THOUGHTS, and VIEWING their every deed, concerns me dearly for the sake of children everywhere. Taken literally, this concept would, of course, include a view right into the bathroom. I […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 19 – (05-02-17)

Soon, we will be watching the invasion of Canaan by storm troopers more fierce and inhumane than Hitler’s troops who invaded Poland. After all, Hitler’s troops did not have an OMNISCIENT God on their side, a God who was capable of using, against all rules of war, not only chemical warfare, but disease warfare, fire […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 20 – (05-09-17)

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: But, wait, what does the preface to Joshua claim: the people of Israel learn a crucial lesson under Josh’s capable leadership! Capable leadership? Furthermore VICTORY comes through FAITH in God and OBEDIENCE to his WORD rather than through MILITARY MIGHT or NUMERICAL SUPERIORITY. What a FRAUD!

Let’s define […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 21 – (05-17-17)

“Trust in Allah, folks, BUT tie your camel securely! No, chain it with a double lock because here come the JUDGES – See, we have an idolatrous people, those gosh darn Israelites, the chosen people, who just cannot be OBEDIENT to an angry and very jealous God. But, gosh darn it, God just keeps ENABLING […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 22 – (05-26-17)

TRUTH IS MORE OFTEN FALSE: Let’s see if this axiom is correct as it applies to the Bible: John, for instance, tells us quite emphatically in John 21:24: This is the disciple (John) which testifieth of these things: and we know that his testimony is TRUE. (By the way, he does not tell us how […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 23 – (05-30-17)

THE OMNISCIENCE RUSE: If God can be proven by his own words to NOT be OMNISCIENT, then not only is God a ruse, but so is the entire Book because: OMNISCIENCE is God’s power which motivates the entire plot of sin and salvation, sin and salvation, sin and salvation.

Let’s look at this absurd cycle […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 24 – (06-03-17)

“Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

How do Emerson’s words relate to the SERMON ON THE MOUNT?

This is how: the first two laws of the Lord are the theme of the sermon: Love God; love thy neighbor BUT the words of Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount COLLIDE […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 25 – (06-10-17)

Incidentally, the comment that IT WAS A CUSTOM does not excuse Jesus from allowing Mary to wash his dirty feet with her tears and hair while kneeling before him. Maybe it was a CUSTOM to not let women eat with the men, but it certainly was not a CUSTOM to have women wash the dirty […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 26 – (06-20-17)

Woe is me! Indeed, the PARABLE is a story used to illustrate an idea or spiritual truth. So what does spiritual mean? And how does being spiritual make the idea represented a truth? How can a disembodied being represent a truth unless a bodied person imposes some kind of TRUTH upon the spirit: […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 27 – (07-14-17)

Parable review and then DAVID from SAMUEL BOOK ONE:

Banquet Parable: Don’t go to the king’s wedding without wearing a ghost costume as many are invited but few are chosen.

Householder – Vineyard Parable: Those who bust their butts all day are equal to those who take a smoke every 15 minutes or from each according to their […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 28 – (07-18-17)

Addendum to Samuel Book One: David

Was David really a hero for stepping up in front of Goliath, the giant, and killing him with one shot from a sling shot, or was David really a RUNNING MAN spending most of his time RUNNING from Saul?

Take a look at the real Bible story and see what these two […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 29 – (07-27-17)

Samuel Book Two: David Part Two: Who was the great sling shot killer of Goliath? Take a close look and see for yourself as the Bible will tell you so:

Dave dumps Michal, Saul’s daughter, for Abigail even though he paid 200 Philistine foreskins for her, making the foreskins unprofitable and very painful for the poor […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 30 – (08-14-17)

Accordingly, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, were allegedly written by Solomon the central character of KINGS ONE. Consequently, as I have already covered Proverbs and Ecclesiastes on two separate and complete pages, I will only do a review before we look at Solomon of KINGS BOOK ONE.

ALL IS VANITY without God so saith Solomon all on […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 31 – (09-02-17)

Kings 2: But first, let me do a summary, without excerpts, of all the Kings 1 and 2 which will reveal the real PROBLEM in the Bible: THE LORD, NOT BAAL! On page 32, I will substantiate, with exact excerpts, the details revealed in this summary, especially Kings 2 as Kings 1 has been completed on […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 32 – (09-03-17)

Kings 2: Just as done in kings 1, the summary list of Kings 2 will now be substantiated by excerpts from the Bible so, not I, but the Bible will tell you so: let’s take a look at these fellows:

Elijh, although not a king but a prophet, must be checked out first because he proves to […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – PAGE 33 – (09-05-17)

Kings 2 continued: 17:6 Hoshea, helpless, because the lord is angry again so the Lord (guess what?) delivers him and Israel to the Assyrians! Why? 17:7-9 Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord and walked in the statutes of the heathen (those with no religion or no widely-held religion) and they served idols […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 34 – (09-26-17)

Let’s enjoy reading a sample of Chronicles, 1:7:15, for instance: And Machir took to wife the sister of Huppim and Shuppim whose sister’s name was Maachah; and the name of the second was Zelophehad: and Zelophehad had daughters. And Maachah the wife of Machir bare a son, and she called his name Peresh; and the […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 35 – (10-14-17)

CHRONICLES 2: REPEATS FIRST AND SECOND KINGS AND EMPHASIZES ZEALOUS REFORMERS, THOSE KINGS WHO PATTERN THEIR LIVES AFTER THE LIFE AND REIGN OF GODLY KING DAVID! Pardon me? David killed Uriah and “went in unto his wife”! However, Chronicles 2 ignores the northern kingdom of Israel because they refuse to acknowledge the temple in […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 36 – (11-07-17)

Let’s take a look at CHARACTERIZATION in the Bible. Characterization reflects the CHARACTER of the persons involved in the plot because what they say and do reflects perfectly who they are or CHARACTERIZES THEM: see for yourselves. These characters are all cut from the same bloody cloth, one dimensional stick figures:

David – killed […]

BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 37 – (11-25-17)

Let’s expose one of the greatest literary frauds ever presented to mankind! Indeed, this fraud is owned by one single book: The Bible. The fraud: REPETITION, not to mention OMNISCIENCE.

For example, let’s write 260 pages in one paragraph and say the very same thing written by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations (Jeremiah) and Ezekiel:


BIBLE VICE VERSA – Page 38 – (12-09-17)

Characterization differentiates one character from another whether fiction or non-fiction: Let’s look at the INTRODUCTIONS for each character to see if one prophet is any different from another:

Isaiah – shows us a miniature Bible which in itself shows us the Bible’s use of repetition to create a sense of development where no development exists: First, […]