Victoria’s Peace. A Novel by Thomas J. Koelsch

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Imagine Huckleberry Finn, sold and subsequently adopted at birth through an underground market, waking up in an urban world of wealth, a dysfunctional family, ROTC prep schools, and trussed in a stubborn and unforgiving religion. Add to this an illicit love story, a mystery to resolve, a psychological thriller, and Victoria, an indomitable alter ego who abducts Huckleberry only to set him free in one of the cleverest escape adventures of all time.

Victoria's Peace by Thomas J. Koelsch
Victorias Peace A Novel by Thomas J Koelsch

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 I’d like everyone to read my book so I’ve made it available to read online for free.  (free, free)  Please enjoy the book.  For those of you who like reading a paperback, a link is provided to buy the paperback from Amazon.

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“Eternity was forever, and forever was a long time. The punishment and the crime seemed absurdly disproportionate but so was life and death. And why was pleasure selfish?”

– Page 27